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Date: 2018-11-14 23:14
Subject: A List of My Life Lately
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Here's a list of what my life has been filled with lately, because I'm too lazy to type an actual post:

  • Saw Bohemian Rhapsody tonight- had its faults but mostly loved it

  • Bought $70 of things at Hot Topic (no regrets!)

  • Am NINE DAYS ahead of schedule on NaNoWriMo and currently working on a group orgy scene. Man, I love my not-job!

  • Disgruntled ex-employee published a piece about us full of half-truths. We've been doing damage control. Man, I don't love my actual job sometimes

  • Going to see Fantastic Beasts tomorrow with my HP crew!

  • Going to have friends over Sunday to hang out and project party

  • Went to the emergency clinic because I couldn't walk, stand, or sit. Fucking hemorrhoids. I'm so lucky.

  • Bought a new, soft blanket to make the item listed above slightly less miserable

  • Started working out again after dealing with the item listed 2 above

  • Sister's coming into town for Thanksgiving. So that's... happening.

  • I may or may not have tracked down my childhood best friend online. Haven't contacted her yet.

  • Morgan Bear's first birthday is coming up this month. My plan is not to go tooooo overboard

  • I signed up for the secret santa swap on the blue forum! Very nervous. It's my first time participating

  • I WILL be doing my usual 12 fics in 12 days thingy. Hopefully will post sign ups for that during the next couple days

  • Am taking Friday off of work to CLEAN! (Which basically means I'll still work, just less)

  • We might get snow tomorrow? What's up with that? It's not January yet!

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Date: 2018-10-30 21:37
Subject: Awfulness and joy! But mostly awfulness.
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I've had a lot of good news lately--a certain friend is buying a home for the first time, I got a raise that kicks in mid-November which should be able to offset any overages from my solar panel payments (awesome that my bill from the power company was so low this month though!), I'm going to get to spend a month writing things I'm super excited about, my workout schedule is getting easier and easier to stick to (I'm hoping for another perfect month), I'm ahead of my own schedule on 101 things, we FINALLY got internet in our office installed last week and I set it up yesterday morning on all our desktops, I got three adorable (small) new-to-me stuffed animals I ordered (one owl for my special Beanie Boo owl collection and two tiny pound puppies), I LOVE Halloween, I had a great time at Saturday's NaNoWriMo kickoff party and came home with my favorite tea in a Marauder's Map mug, and my mother's surgery went well (pre-breast cancer, caught and removed super early, and she's recovering so well).

But there's also a lot of drama right now at work, which I could certainly live without. And my parents' dog had to be put to sleep yesterday. It's strange how it doesn't matter how many good things I have going on, one thing like losing a pet will make everything feel awful and joyless. Poor Finlay was diagnosed with cancer within 2 weeks of my parents adopting him, so it's not like it was a surprise. He had a different kind of cancer before they adopted him, which he beat. But a new kind hit him. He hung around for about 4 years, and we've only had him since spring of 2015. Definitely not enough time to spend with the little guy. We're all super sad about the loss. Cancer is stupid. I am not a fan. I miss the puppy.

V-ing trigger warning regarding cats not people to follow:
Charlie cat has been getting sick to her stomach when she eats too fast or eats too much. It's happened three days in a row now. Grrr. But this is something she does. I should probably look into a slowdown bowl for her. Ozma started getting sick yesterday. She got sick no fewer than 10 times throughout the day (thought it might be just a morning thing, but it was all day). Around 11pm, she threw up a little metal thing attached to a string. I've NO IDEA where it came from. I've checked all my plushies, ceiling light pulls, window blinds, and looked around for anything else out of place. Nothing. No idea what it is or if it's part of something else still in her. She was sick again this morning, but she was fine the rest of the day. And last night she was racing around the house playing with mice and rolling around on her back playing with Charlie. And she's been super hungry the whole time. So maybe that's all it was--something she ate that's no longer in her system? I don't know, but I was SO sick with worry last night. And sad. I fell asleep in bed with BOTH cats snuggling next to me, which has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Ozma crawled under the covers with me in bed, which has only ever happened once before. I think she knew I was sad about Finlay and worried, and she probably wanted some comfort, too. But she's kept everything down the whole rest of the day today, about 16 hours now or more. So I am hoping that's all it was and the worst is behind us. She scared me so much!

I'm also incredibly saddened by the recent shooting. Every time I think I'll be desensitized to this sort of thing, because mass shootings seem to happen more and more these days, I'm reminded that I'm not. Each one is uniquely awful. Places of worship, like schools and hospitals, are supposed to be safe spaces. This violation of that hits me hard, and I keep reading the bios about the people who were lost and losing composure all over again.

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Date: 2018-10-18 16:42
Subject: So many things!
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My life's been busy but exciting lately!

1. NOVA Pride- Wasn't freezing cold or raining for once. Hardly knew how to handle nice weather. Also great to see the governor of the state come up from the capital to talk to us. I had a hard time getting there because my GPS was being silly, but the event was lovely.

2. Cursed Child in NYC- Was really wonderful attending a 5-6-hour long play with other people who were clearly just as thrilled about being there. The stage magic was absolutely stunning. The theater was FREEZING. The dance numbers were confusing. The retirement home scene was unsettling. The acting was absolutely fantastic. And the script was just as bad as when I read it the first, second, and third times. But it was still a wonderful experience to get to see it with almost all the main characters played by the original cast. I'm going as Delphini Diggory to the DADA group's Halloween party this weekend. The theme is: party like you're evil.

3. Other NYC- I packed a ton into my day in NYC, starting with waking up early to work out. Then I went to Build-a-Bear. Then the New York City Public Library where I saw the original Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals and then went on a tour of the museum. I hit Panera for a lunch salad. Then I took the Subway to Wall Street and took myself on a self-made tour of George Washington & Alexander Hamilton locations. I laid flowers on Hamilton's grave, and also the graves of Eliza & Angelica. The location of Philip's grave is unknown, so I left flowers by the sign about him next to Alexander's grave. I went to finance buildings and old federal buildings. I went to the location (no building stands there now) of Hercules Mulligan's house where Alexandrer Hamilton lived for a while. And I went to the tavern where the Sons of Liberty met and where Washington bid farewell to his generals after the war. I was too exhausted to make it to Central Park & beyond to see the Hamilton statues or to find the site where he died, but I still feel like my tour was pretty thorough.

4. Flew to San Antonio last weekend for a board meeting for work. I'm not really into Texas, but the city charmed me almost immediately. I ADORE the River Walk. I also visited the Alamo (and still remember it) though didn't make it down into the basement. I also met some of Morgan Bear's plushie internet friends and their humans, who were really great people. It felt like I was meeting celebrities. Just to impress upon us how small a world it was, not only were we from out of town and happened to be in San Antonio the same week but one of them had just spoken at a conference event that was run by my previous coworker.

5. I got approval yesterday and cut the cable tie and threw the switch on my solar panels yesterday. I have been hitting refresh on the online dashboard all day, watching the production graph increase hour by hour. It's going to take a while for these to pay for themselves, but it's nice to know that I'm helping the environment in the meantime. I hope this wasn't a gigantic, costly mistake.

6. My director Skyped with me yesterday, and I'm getting a raise! YAY! It's enough that it should more than cover my solar panels, which will take less than 5 years to pay off anyway. So I'm thrilled and relieved about that. My car is a 2008, so it's starting to require some major repairs lately. I started an account to start saving up for my next car. Once I get the solar panels paid off, I can divert money there instead. I've also been considering starting to save up for a trip to Paris. I really, really want to go before I get too old to enjoy myself when travelling. And I set up a new retirement account at work as well. I earread a book called Going Solo about living alone. The book was pretty terrible, but it got me thinking about what it would take to try to create that fandom retirement home I've been dreaming about. I don't know how to go about getting something like that started... but I'm not going to have a lot of family--certainly no significant other or children--to take care of me when I get old. And I anticipate my health being pretty awful, if my life to this point is any indication of the future. So I'm hoping that I can afford the housing and medical costs when I need them. I'm not even 40 years old, and this is still a constant worry of mine.

7. I rode on the feris wheel at National Harbor on Columbus Day. The day was a bit cloudy, but I still had a nice view of the river and of Washington, DC. It was a fun outing. I also left a sneaky card by The Awakening statue and released a BookCrossing book there as well. I've been getting better about wild releasing books again and have been doing a whole lot of themed releases, as those have always been my favorite anyway. I'd forgotten the joy of setting books free and hoping they find new readers who'll love them.

8. I've been working my way through my 101 Things in 1001 Days. I'm finally caught up to my 3 a month goal. Monday, I should be completing another one, so I'll be one or two ahead of my goal as I head into NaNoWriMo month in a couple weeks.

9. I'm super excited about NaNoWriMo. This year, I'm going to work on an original fiction piece and some fanfics as well, all about the soulmate goose of enforcement trope. I cannot wait!

10. I'm earreading A Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy right now. TINY SPOILER AHEAD! BE WARNED! Not only is it absolutely wonderful (as expected) but there's a brief mention of Monty catching a terrible head cold, acting like a drama queen, Percy fussing over him, and Monty practically going deaf from all the congestion. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PASSAGE. I adore sneezefics (obviously) but canon colds that happen exactly the way I'd write them if I were writing a sneezefic are just incredible. SO HAPPY! The scarf I ordered from the author with fanart from The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue arrived yesterday and it is GORGEOUS. I want to rush out and buy a ton of turtlenecks and sweaters I can wear it with. LOL

11. I have been doing very well with my workouts and diet and weight loss goals. I've dropped down to a single digit waistline for the first time in my adult life. And while I still look a bit pregnant, I definitely look LESS pregnant/fat around the belly area. I'm down more than 48 pounds and hoping to hit 50 and then keep myself around there for as long as I can maintain it. I feel healthier and better and proud as well. And part of me is motivated to try to keep myself healthy in whatever way I can to give myself the best possible chance when I'm old and heading into retirement. That said, I'm a little worried about how I'm going to manage daily workouts AND daily writing sessions in November.

12. I went into DC a couple weeks ago and saw the costumes for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (where there is an IMAX theater that will show the movie). Pretty much no one was there to see the costumes but me, so it felt like a private showing. I got to be just inches away from them with no glass in-between, and I could walk around behind them, too. Was to neat to see all the little details and get to be so close to Newt's case!

13. Going to do a reading challenge this weekend. That'll be fun, I hope! It's just 8 hours in 2 days. I can totally bang that out while working and putting together my Halloween costume for the party Saturday.

14. Otherwise, just hanging in here. Trying to keep on top of cleaning and bullet journal. Am trying to be present in the moment more and make every second of my day count, as cheesy as that sounds.

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Date: 2018-10-06 21:46
Subject: ORIGINAL FICTION: Fairies Hornpipe (m/m)
Security: Public
Tags:original fiction

I'm totally in love with these characters. They're crazy, but I love 'em.

Title: Fairies Hornpipe
Rating: NC-17
Summary: John's turn to show how completely obsessed he is with Nevin (and Nevin's sneezes) during their first date.
Notes: Sequel to Scotland the Brave.

Fairies Hornpipe )

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Date: 2018-09-19 22:16
Subject: Broke Myself But Had Fun
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I had a long day today. Took Ozma kitty to the vet--everything went well, except she needs to lose a little weight. It's nice to have a healthy kitty. It's a refreshing change.

Then I headed into DC to see the National Museum of African-American History and Culture for the first time. I think there are a few parts I missed, but I spent a little more than 5 hours there, so it wasn't for lack of trying. I really enjoyed the experience, despite crying more times than I expected to. The movement from slavery up to modern day was a clever way to structure the journey, but it was definitely emotional and powerful.

Then I decided to try to find the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. My google maps were not set for walking directions and I kept taking the wrong paths. I made it there in the end, and it was lovely and inspirational and calming and thoughtful and all the things I'd hoped it would be.

Problem is, my body's dying. I was having chest pains yesterday (am 99% it's just gas pains, probably related to my period). I woke up feeling fine today but on my way to DC, they came back. By the time I got home, i was in tears I was in so much pain. So much walking, my feet and limbs hurt. And my chest hurts so much I could barely stand up straight. UGH. I feel broken. I'm okay. I took a shower and more medicine and feel a little better. I'll live. But eating was not something I really wanted to do tonight. And I still have to somehow work out... which might or might not happen. I just feel... I dunno... old? I don't like realizing I can't push my body the way I used to be able to. I've lost so much weight recently and I work out EVERY DAY. So I expected my body to have more energy accordingly. That's not so, apparently.

A good rest will help, I'm certain. I was going to update my blogs tonight... but I think that can wait until tomorrow. I'm just going to do some cleanup and reflection. It was a day full of thoughts and feels.

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Date: 2018-09-17 20:22
Subject: Getting My Shit In Order
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I keep doing things and wanting to blog about them and then failing to and feeling like I shouldn't blog about new stuff until I get to old stuff and so then I never actually post anything. GAH. So forget all that. Clean slate!

After watching a ton of YouTube videos, I decided to try a couple things to maybe help me feel better about me. Yesterday I had my first "Get My Shit In Order Sunday." Basically, it's a mental health day where I do some things I've been putting off, clean a little to create a healthy space for myself, relax so I'm in a good place mentally, and plan for the weak ahead. I thought about doing one of my massive To Do lists, then I decided I'd never make it through the whole list and I'd come out of it feeling unfulfilled at the end of the day. So I just ran through a few things to do in my mind the night before and did them throughout the day. I started off the day by finishing a book I've been reading since last fall. I did a couple word sprints with folks in Alphabet Soup Discord and wrote a few sections throughout the day (finished the first draft of a story), and watched a Disney movie I'd never seen before (one of my things is to watch 5 of those; this was number 3). I managed to get almost a whole page of chores done as well--everything from changing my air filter to two loads of laundry to scrubbing down my entire upstairs bathroom. As there was no list, there's no unfulfilled feeling, which was nice; though I did make a list of things I got accomplished, which really boosted my spirits. I even spent some time making grocery lists for the week, working out, and reviewing my plans for the week ahead. It felt insanely good. I'm not even kidding. What a fantastic way to end my week and go into a new one. I've never felt so READY to start the work week before. Just taking the time to put myself in a good place mentally made a huge difference in my ability to get out of bed in the morning today. I'm not going to be able to do this every Sunday, but I'm going to try to do it as many as I can.

I've also figured out a new bedtime routine where I set aside an entire hour to do my nightly chores (feed & pill cats, tidy up, dishes, catbox cleaning, pack lunch for next day) and get ready for bed (shower, floss, etc.). That way I'm not rushing to get to bed and I'm getting into bed roughly the same time every day. I also find working on my bullet journal in bed a really nice way to reflect on my day, unwind, and get ready for the next day. It's like my own form of meditation, but with words and dots and lists. LOL

I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, as it's only been a week. But if I can keep them up, I think it's going to help me a lot.

I've got a good week ahead. 2 days commuting to work, 1 vacation day off (I'm taking Ozma to the vet in the morning then going into DC to cross 2 things off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list in one shot if all goes well), then 2 days working from home. Then on Saturday I've got an afternoon of hanging out with my friends doing crafts and chatting. I'm so looking forward to that!

I just finished a draft of a sequel to the Celtic Festival story, "Scotland the Brave." Don't know if anyone even read it, but at this point I'm writing them for me anyway and I'm having a blast. I've already got several pages of a third story written as well. In addition, I've been thinking a bit about what I want to do for NaNoWriMo this year, and I'm considering writing a bunch of soulmate goose of enforcement fic. Because I have a couple different stories in mind and I'd like to get them out of my head.

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Date: 2018-09-08 00:21
Subject: ORIGINAL FICTION: Scotland the Brave (m/m)
Security: Public

A few months ago, I went to a Celtic festival. This popped into my head... but it took a while for me to finish it. I'm already working on a sequel.

Title: Scotland the Brave<
Rating: NC-17 (sex & language)
Summary: Nevin’s experiences at Celtic festivals usually include losing in Scottish games and picking up the cutest bagpiper there
Kinks: Sneeze fetish, explicit consent, blowjobs, guys in kilts, bagpipers

Scotland the Brave )

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Date: 2018-07-08 19:46
Subject: My Weekend- Mostly Concerning POA in Concert & Hamilton in DC
Security: Public

Just wanted to share some thoughts before they completely left my brain. I'm a little overwhelmed by happy at the moment, and I am secretly kind of sad because I know this is the sort of happy that can't last and that I wish could last. Not even sure when I'll be this happy again, you know? Anyway...

Last week, I managed to work out EVERY DAY (2 of those days were just stretching or foam roller routines, but it still counts).

I also just finished what will most likely be my last pet-sitting gig for [personal profile] melydia. Several of her cats aren't so fond of guests when she has us over, but when it's just them and me, usually all it takes is me sitting patiently for 30-45 seconds and the scared ones come right over for love. It's kind of nice having cats that would normally be hesitant come right over and flop over onto their backs or put their paws up in the air to indicate they want more petting. I'm going to miss being able to hang out with her three cats all on my own when they're not afraid of me. And both her tutles came out to say hi to me at least once as well, which was nice (last time I pet-sat, one of her turtles hid every time I came in the room, so this was a lovely change).

Friday, I assembled all of my stuffed animals for a group photo. There were a lot of them. Like, 300. I packed 'em in, but they still didn't take up my two couches and living room floor, so plenty of room to grow. LOL Afterward, I might have rolled around in the big pile of soft plush and fluff for a while. That was quite lovely. Definitely a fun and comforting sensation.

I started my fifth list of 101 Things in 1001 Days. I'm feeling really good about the list. It's a lot of things that will challenge me and that I've been meaning to do but have never gotten off my bum to do. So I think it'll be very good for me. My list this round: https://just-the-things.dreamwidth.org/425939.html

Saturday I volunteered at the library, ran errands, got my car state inspection (it passed, but my rear brakes on on their last legs, so I need to get those replaced this month), and then went to Wolf Trap, an outdoor National Park concert venue. I was instructed to park on the grass with the front of my car literally touching the road to get out. So all I had to do was pull forward and I was out of the parking lot; best parking spot ever. I was also instucted to stand in a side entrance line which turned out to be 1-entirely in the shade and 2-adjacent to the spot my group and I had decided to pick to picnic in. We had a nice picnic before the show, but I brought WAY too much water, and one of my 4 water bottles leaked in my bag. Oops! We saw Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban with the National Symphony Orchestra doing the whole score. I saw all the LotR movies that way and HP1, and I loved doing it with HP3 as well, even though I'd forgotten until last night just how much I HATE that movie. I was actually mad each time something came up to remind me of how terrible it is. But I brought my Morgan Bear and three blankets and a hoodie. So I ended up stretching out and curling up on my side throughout the movie under blankets and under the stars while listening to the magical music. It was a wonderful and unique experience. Such a great night, and I heard little things in the score I'd never noticed before! So that was really delightful.

Today, I went to see Hamilton at the Kennedy Center in DC. I was REALLY nervous about it and ended up leaving 2 1/2 hours early just to make sure I got into DC on time and there were no hiccups. For some reason, I worried that my ticket wouldn't be at Will Call; it was. And I worried my seat would be terrible; it wasn't (it was RIGHT in the middle of the opera house/theater). I was also worried that I wouldn't have the same bond with the characters because it wasn't going to be Lin-Manuel, Anthony, Leslie, Daveed, Renee, Christopher, Philipa, Oak, Groffsauce, etc. And I'm not going to lie, I definitely would have preferred to have seen it with the original cast. I love their portrayals SO MUCH. But I'm also super familiar with how they sing it. So it was actually a wonderful experience to get to see it the first time live with others' interpretations. Instead of comparing every single thing, I let them just make it their own. And there were still PLENTY of visual surprises and and blocking answers to questions I've had for years now. I enjoyed it more than words can say. I kept wanting to take notes about certain things--the way scenes were lit or things like John and Laurens with their arms around each other as they exit the stage after "The Story of Tonight." And I did make a couple notes when the show was over. But mostly I forgot the little details because I was so overwhelmed with how magnificent an overall performance it was. The singing was GORGEOUS, especially the actor who plays Hamilton and the actress who plays Eliza. And I still went through half a pack of tissues in Act 1 (I literally teared up the second it started and started crying during the very first song because I was overwhelmed with the beauty of getting to see it right there in person!) and a whole pack of tissues in Act 2 (I brought 3 packs with me total, so I only used half of what I brought! Not bad, I think!). The woman next to me was complaining that she wasn't catching all the words and was having a hard time understanding some. I totally understand that the magic of a play/musical is that you DON'T have to know it by heart to enjoy it the first time. But I also can't imagine spending $250-$600 on tickets for a show that I didn't know anything about. And I, personally, LOVED knowing every note and every word by heart so I could concentrate on the dancing and movements and delivery and everything other than the plot. Though, of course, I was fully swept away by the plot. I knew the Laurens song was going to kill me, and it did. That was when I sobbed for the first time during the show. I'm so glad the first time I heard it was in person (though I'd read it, including the stage directions, years ago, of course, so I was ready with the tissues); poor, sweet John Laurens. There really are no words for how beautiful and creative the staging is. The way the sound and lights work off each other. The way the two turntables help parts of songs move forward. The rewind. The war. The hurricane. The Reynolds Pamphlet. The forgiveness in Quiet Uptown. The three duels. Everything I knew would be stunning visually was even MORE than I could have imagined. Honestly, I loved every single second (except one of Burr's songs when he was creatively disobeying the tempo and it just did NOT work for me; he kept slowing down and speeding up and then hit the proper tempo and finally stayed there, but it felt rocky, not artistic, to that point). Afterward, I gathered up my tissues and hit the restroom, where I splashed water on my face for a few minutes. Lots of people adjusting their running make-up. Then I headed to the other side of the building in order to catch the free shuttle back to the Metro (Subway) and right there by the exit was the cast signing autographs! I didn't get everyone, but I did get the actor who played Hamilton and the actor who played Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson. I think having the two of them on there together is kind of a fun juxtiposition, don't you think? I missed 3 or 4 of the actors (we all let the kids go first and the actors didn't stay for long) and thought about staying to see who else might come out, but I was actually quite happy just meeting those two and getting their autographs. So I headed out. I'm still in a daze, and my eyes are so tired & dry; go figure. But it was such a magical, wonderful performance. I was SO worried I wouldn't like it as much because it wasn't the original cast. And maybe that's still true; I didn't like it as much. But I was also able to really enjoy it the way I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it on the same level if I'd been internally squeeing at the celebrities on stage "OMG OMG OMG ANTHONY'S FRECKLES! OMG OMG DAVEED'S SPEED DELIVERING LINES! OMG OMG OMG LIN-MANUEL!!!!!!!!!! Wait, were they just singing? I completely missed it. Did I mention FRECKLES???!!!!" So I could enjoy this performance without being star-struck and distracted. And I definitely, definitely enjoyed it. I feel SO glad it came to my town and I got to see it. And I am glad that past!Kate thought that the week of July 4 would be an expecially appropriate/patriotic time to see it in Washington, DC. Well done, past!Me!

*happy sigh*

Okay. Going to work out, shower, cook dinner, and print some labels for a new computer inventory process I'm starting at work tomorrow (the work printer hates printing labels for me, and I just had to buy myself new computer ink so I could get these printed this weekend.)

Oh, and Camp NaNoWriMo? I lost a WHOLE paragraph (several hundred words) the other day. And I am REALLY behind. I wrote a little by hand on the metro on my way home today (Strokesfic!), but I'm SO BEHIND. And I have 4 things to build for Brickfair and have built exactly NONE things. So... this is going to be a busy week ahead as I try to play catch up! But, right now? I'm happy. I'm SO HAPPY. I'm happier than I've been in a long, long, long time. I want to just bottle this happy so I can remember it exactly this way for always.

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Date: 2018-06-08 08:02
Subject: The Caps Win the Cup!
Security: Public

The Washington Capitals are the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions!

Took the franchise 44 years, but we finally won the hardest, most wonderful trophy in all of professional sports. After 14 years, Ovechkin finally accomplished his ultimate goal, but it took the whole team to get there. We've been playing like winners for years, and deserved to win the cup so many times. But for one reason or another, there was always disappointment... until last night!

I'm so, so, sooooooooo proud and happy for my boys. They broke so many of our records and worked so hard. I'm THRILLED that we finally proved ourselves.

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Date: 2018-06-01 23:33
Subject: FIC: Making Sense of Symbols (Stargate SG-1)
Security: Public

Title: Making Sense of Symbols
Author: tarotgal
Rating: G
Summary: Daniel's home sick with a cold when he's needed back on based to save Jack's life.
Notes: Written for Lady Korana as a belated birthday present in 2018

Making Sense of Symbols )

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Date: 2018-05-31 00:12
Subject: Let's Go Caps!
Security: Public

The Washington Capitals just won their first EVER game in the Stanley Cup finals. Like, EVER. In all of history, we've never won a single game at this level until tonight!

I am SO proud of my boys. And worried about Kuzy who got hit tonight and pulled from the game (and there wasn't even a penalty called, even though the guy's skates came off the ice; GRRRRRR!). Hotby played AMAZINGLY (Olie Kolzig tweeted that it was the greatest save he'd ever seen! I love Olie). And Orpik scored his first goal since 2006.

So proud of them.

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Date: 2018-05-24 00:04
Subject: Lately
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Just spent two long, exhausting days at a conference for work. Some of the sessions weren't so great. Got some good ideas, though, so it was all right. And on my way out, I ran into our former Membership Director (he left the org in 2011). So it was nice talking with him. Can't believe his daughter is 7! Feels like we just held the baby shower.

Last week was the Gaithersburg Book Festival. I brought 775 books and came home with NONE books! (Okay, that's not entirely true. I bought a few books at the library used book sale there, and melydia gave me 2 books--one by David Levithan and another about Alexander Hamilton). The weather was miserable and rainy for half the day. I treated myself to a Chai which ended up not agreeing with me. That's what I get for treating myself. It was otherwise a lovely day with friends and books. I also ran into one of my coworkers and his family there.

The next day, I went to a library used book sale and bought $15 worth of books (probably about 150 books) to make a good head start on books for the April book festival. The weather was hot and icky. I came home and had to eat two sugar free popsicles to cool down.

Then I went to my local comic book shop for a fun event. We had our monthly book club--talking about Thanos Rising this time, a Thanos origin story. I read it the morning I saw Infinity War. The discussion was short but good.

After that, we were walked through character creation for D&D and then played a short one-shot campaign. I had been working on my character mentally all day, and barely got a chance to do anything with it because ELEVEN people ended up showing up for that part of it! That's a huge party! heehee We ended up *gasp* splitting the party to make it a little more managable for our DM. I got to play a Rogue Gnome--super sneaky and quick. In my mind she (Misti) has a badger as a pet and is only about 45 years old, so pretty young for a gnome (just out of school and off on her own in the world for a little while). She's super talkative and loves gems, having grown up in the mines. She had a badger as a birth pet, and prefers them as companions now. But I didn't get to go into any of that (I even had a cloak and stuffed badger I brought with me that I decided would be too geeky to pull out as no one else had props). So I hope I get a chance to play her again some time in the future--or maybe write some fic with her. Anyway, I used dice I got for my birthday, and on my very first roll (which was for initiative for the whole campaign) I rolled a Natural 20! Whoohoo!!!! That meant I got to go first, which I was kind of nervous about doing, but it went all right. We had a wizard in our party who managed to put 5 of our 6 threats to sleep. So when it was my turn, I grabbed my short bow and took the 6th guy out in a second. Yeah. I'm that good. When my turn came around again, and while my companions were busy looting the sleeping bodies, I made my way to the edge of a cliff in the underground cavern we were in, took aim with my short bow, and took out one of the other party's enemies in another second. I killed more of the bandits than anyone else, I think! I'm super proud of Misti. I'm not really a fighter, but my character was. And I feel proud that I did her justice. She is small (only 2 feet tall) but she is mighty!

I'm rereading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell right now in preparation for a book discussion I'll be leading next month. I'll have to reread Carry On before then as well. Oh, how terrible ;-)

I don't know if I mentioned A Gentlemen's Guide to Vice and Virtue here yet, but it is literally my favorite book in the world right now. It's like the giant hurt/comfort slash fic I wish I'd written.

Speaking of slash and h/c, BOTH panels I proposed for CON.TXT were voted in! Whoohoo! One's on hurt/comfort and the other is about one-shot fics. I'm super excited about both of them, though I wasn't expecting both to make it through.

My workouts haven't been going so well, but I'm still eating low carb, low sugar, super healthy. I officially hit 30 pounds lost this week! Also, my blood pressure reading on Friday was normal for the first time all year! So I'm really proud of my body for starting to cooperate. My stomach's still a pain (literally) but that's something I'm used to.

SO EXCITED about my boys making it to the Stanley Cup finals! WHOOHOO! They worked so hard. I'm so proud of them.

Am binging Smallville right now (one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days). I'm halfway through season 2... of 10. I've got a LONG way to go yet.

Cleaning my house this month isn't going well. I've done a lot, but it hardly feels like anything. That makes me a little sad. But all I can do is keep at it.

I have a BUSY June! I'm possibly going to my first Cuddle Party. Sense 8 finale hits June 8. On June 9, I'll either go to the Pride Parade in DC or a Harry Potter meetup. On June 16, I might go to a proper Celtic Festival for the first time in a decade. And my 101 Things in 1001 Days list #4 will be ending. I'm still hoping to break 90 completed items, but it's going to be a lot of work between now and June 28th!

In July, I get to see Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban with a live orchestra and the next day I'll be seeing Hamilton at the Kennedy Center! Also in July I'll be leading another discussion for my HP group, going to our annual Harry Potter birthday party, and attending CON.TXT, a wonderful slash con. I got a hotel room this time, so that should be a nice mini vacation (and the hotel room has a kitchen in it, so I'll be able to eat well the whole time without worrying; there's also free breakfast... I'm a sucker for free breakfast).

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Date: 2018-05-23 23:14
Subject: My Boys!
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"I can't explain my emotions. I'm just happy for my boys."
~Alexander Ovechkin when asked what it feels like to win the east and be heading to the Stanley Cup Finals

I'm so proud of my Caps tonight!

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Date: 2018-05-17 20:44
Subject: FIC: On a Scale of One to Ten (Supernatural)
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Title: On a Scale of One to Ten

Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Supernatural (spoilers through season 7)
Pairing: None
Rating: NC-17 for canon-typical violence and pain
Prompt: There's always a new ten (prompt by Anonymous)
Notes: Written for the 2018 OhSam Birthday meme on the side of hurt. A lot of hurt. So much hurt.

On a Scale of One to Ten )

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Date: 2018-05-06 09:46
Subject: FIC: Reversal (Supernatural)
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Title: Reversal
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Notes: Written for a 2012 meme prompt from Sinnerforhire: Dean is physically and mentally de-aged to ~5-6 years old and comes down with a bad case of the flu. At first Dean is hesitant to accept comfort from Sam, but after Sam does all the things Dean always did for him when he was sick as a kid, Dean turns into a regular little snuggle bunny.

Reversal )

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Date: 2018-05-05 21:42
Subject: FIC: 0111001101100101 01100101 (Star Wars)
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Title: 01110011 01100101 01100101
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Star Wars, sequel trilogy
Pairing: Finn/Poe
Rating: G
Notes: Written for May the 5th, 2018 (Revenge of the Fifth) Sequel to yesterday's fic, 0111001101101001 01100111

01110011 01100101 01100101 )

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Date: 2018-05-04 23:18
Subject: FIC: 01110011 01101001 01100111 (Star Wars)
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Title: 01110011 01101001 01100111
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Star Wars, sequel trilogy
Pairing: Finn/Poe
Rating: G
Notes: Written for May the 4th, 2018

01110011 01101001 01100111 )

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Date: 2018-05-02 01:00
Subject: FIC: Find a Place to Make Your Stand (Supernatural)
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Happy birthday, Sam Winchester! I decided to combine prompts from two different memes here with this fill.

Title: Find a Place to Make Your Stand
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Supernatural (set during Season 13; no significant spoilers)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sam/Dean (briefly; blink and you might miss it)
Comfort fill for [community profile] ohsam 2018 Birthday Meme Prompt: Sam has a very bad very sneezy cold and dean mother hens him and Sam secretly loves it
Fill for my own 2018 Meme Prompt: Can I please have good patient Sam? He’s not super sick or out of it or anything, but for whatever reason he’s happy to let Dean take care of him. As chick flick-y as you like.
Notes: Title is from the Eagles song "Take it Easy" (seemed appropriate)

Find a Place and Take Your Stand )

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Date: 2018-05-01 22:59
Subject: FIC: What Oin Does Best (Middle Earth)
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Title: What Oin Does Best
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Middle Earth; polyamorous dwarves ‘verse
Rating: PG
Pairing: Oin/Toron
Notes: Written in honor of the launch of the Alphabet Soup discord group!

What Oin Does Best )

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Date: 2018-04-30 22:36
Subject: FIC: A Place to Start (Marvel MCU)
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Title: A Place to Start
Author: tarotgal
Fandom: Marvel MCU
Rating: PG
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warnings: Brief mention of abuse/trauma
Notes: Written in honor of the launch of the Alphabet Soup discord group!
Written as a follow-up to “The Histories of Alphabet Soup” based on cowboyguy’s comment.

A Place to Start )

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